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Italian Sodas
Any flavor you can imagine paired with soda water and a dash of cream. Delicious non-caffeinated beverage!
12oz. $1.75
16oz $2.25
20oz $2.85
Matcha Green Tea
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***Pricing includes Tax and Whipped Cream

Plain vanilla or add flavors like Bananas Foster, Apple Pie, Chocolate or Pumpkin. Tastes Amazing Hot or Frozen
12oz. $3.75
16oz. $4.25
20oz. $5.00
100% Organic Japanese Green Tea. Great as a Latte, Iced or Blended. 
12oz. $3.75
16oz. $4.25
20oz. $5.00
Caramel Mocha
Try this with White, Dark or Milk Chocolate, Iced, Hot or Frozen. You can't go wrong with any combination!
12oz. $3.75
16oz. $4.25
20oz. $5.00
Latte or Cappucino
Hot Cocoa
Enjoy our Espresso and Steamed Milk and you can also make it skinny.
​12oz $3.25
16oz $3.75
20oz. $4.25
Our Own recipe, Great for a Cold Day. Add Coffee for an extra kick.
12oz. $2.25
16oz. $2.85
20oz. $3.25